Hello, we're Teentoday and we build web products for Gen Z audiences

We're a distributed team of 7 people who create the best products for Generation Z audiences aged 14-19 worldwide. Over 1,000,000 different young people visit our web properties each month including 2 content websites, several platforms, and a couple of nifty Facebook Messenger Bots.

Our team

Here's the cleverclogs behind the magic.

Olly Meakings

Olly Meakings


The boss of Teentoday Ltd. Likes cheese. Nomad.

Rachel Pugh

Rachel Pugh


Oversees our products, manages our KPIs. Generally amazing.

David Farrell

David Farrell

Head of Content

Oversees content across our products and watches our competitors. Ensures every article is a 10/10.



Head of Campaigns

Working across the Books Channel and managing the delivery of all our commercial campaigns.



Head of Labs

Manages the Lab Projects and facilitates the team retrospectives.



Lead Writer and Design Queen

Lead writer, and host of some amazing Facebook Lives. Plus manages our books Instagram.

Ryan Kaskel

Ryan Kaskel


Ryan oversees the development of our Labs projects and oversees the company's technical KPIs. Freelance.

Our products

Some of the things we've made

Our company

Our company is different. Here's how...

Our team

We’re a small, young, team of 7 working from home, coffee shops, or under our blankets in different places worldwide. Some of us are nomadic and travel the world while working.

Our goals

We work to goals and KPIs rather than hours. That means we pick our own work hours and have as much or as little holiday as we like.

Our tools

We use tools like Slack, Trello, Buffer, Crunch and Hangouts combined with extremely refined work processes to be super-productive.

Our retros

Like many tech startups, we use weekly retrospectives to reflect, share ideas and give (virtual) hugs.

Our growth

In 2016, our platforms grew from 200,000 monthly unique users to 880,000. And we doubled revenue in the same period.

Our Labs products

In 2016 we launched four new experimental products and 2 new social brands for our audience. Our Portfolio will tell you more.

Commercial partners

We work with brands and companies large and small to reach our audience using innovative, cost-effective, efficiently-executed and deeply measurable commercial campaigns: native, display and sponsorship. Some of our current partners...

Our thinking

Highly-caffeinated insights, thoughts and fun on our blog. Because sharing is caring.

What we learned in Berlin

We the MP! Team spend our lives working from home, coffee shops and any other cosy nooks we can find. Of course, there are many advantages to having a distributed team – the reduced spend on overheads such as office space, more flexible working hours, lack of commuting time and increased productivity to name but a few. But our experience has […]

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